SSC to Provide Training Assistance for Department of State

January 2, 2015

Strategic Security Corp. (SSC) asked to provide Global Antiterrorism Training Assistance for the Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security. SSC will provide qualified instructor personnel in support of the Office of Anti Terrorism Assistance. The US Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Training Directorate, Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (DS/T/ATA) manages the antiterrorism assistance program. ATA assists foreign partners to develop the capability for antiterrorism planning and coordination and commitment to support US counterterrorism objectives. This includes coordinating, synchronizing, implementing and expanding training and technical assistance programs; sharing technology with foreign partners; establishing or strengthening alliances and/or agreements, regional partnerships, and security assistance programs; promoting interagency cooperation among foreign government security and law enforcement forces; and supporting exchange programs. The program’s geographic reach is extensive, having trained over 61,000 foreign police and civilian security officials in over 152 countries since inception in 1983. This contract supports the ATA office in conducting foreign law enforcement training and related activities, both domestic and overseas.