Through practical hands on training as well as online academic training based on red team reenactments; our courses are designed to prepare trainees for real life threats and scenarios. SSC’s courses not only prepare students for their current profession, but also lay a foundation whereas the skill sets they develop through SSC’s Global Training Center transition into the boardroom.

  • NYS Security Guard Courses
  • Academic Online Courses
  • Tactical Courses
  • Corporate Outings (pdf)
  • Instructors / Mobile Training Teams
  • Range and Driving Tracks
  • Admission
  • Philosophy
  • Certification
  • Continuing Education

NYS Unarmed Security Guard Courses

  • NYS 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training for Security Guard
  • NYS 16 Hour On-The-Job Training for Security Guard
  • NYS 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training for Security Guard

Call for course availability 212.509.0547 ext 2

Academic Online Courses : General Admission

  • Executive Protection – Awareness Level $110.00
  • Event Risk Management Security & Safety $100.00
  • Bomb Blast Effects $50.00
  • Business Continuity – Business Survival $50.00
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response $75.00
  • Suspicious Mail and Packages $35.00
  • Combating the Increase in ATM Security Issues $50.00
  • Report Writing for LE and Security Guards $35.00
  • Labor Unrest and Civil Disobedience $75.00
  • Workplace Safety – Active Shooter $75.00
  • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment $35.00
  • HIPAA Intermediate for Security Officers $100.00 

Academic Online Courses : Restricted Access

  • SSC Introductory Officer Training
  • SSC MSC Training
  • County of Mecklenburg, NC
  • Associate Safety While Traveling to Mexico
  • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

 Tactical Courses

  • NYS 47 Hour Firearms Training for Security Guards
  • NYS 8 Hour In-Service Firearms Training for Security Guards

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Our instructors are recognized leaders in their field and are considered subject matter experts. They have taught for hundreds of corporate, law enforcement, military and legal professionals.

Mobile Training Teams

In addition to providing courses at our training center in New York, we also host courses at several other locations throughout the world. Every course announcement will list the training location. If you would like to have one of Strategic Security Corp.’s Global Training Center’s highly-rated educational programs brought in-house or tailored to your organization’s specific needs, please contact us at 212-509-0547 ext 200 or


Although several courses are restricted to regular and reserve law enforcement officers, federal agents and military personnel, there are courses offered for qualified civilian security professionals and novices. All Strategic Security Corp’s Global Training Center tactical courses are hands on as well as classroom instruction. Each attendee must be in good physical health and not possess any medical conditions that would prohibit the attendee from strenuous activity. Each course announcement will list eligibility requirements as well as attire and equipment.


Strategic Security Corp. is dedicated to training at a high threat level, thereby increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security practitioners and management personnel through practical hand on training as well as academic. We have developed educational programs designed at mitigating threats as well as avoiding or countering risks. Today’s global climate demands highly trained personnel to safeguard organizations, prominent government officials, VIPs, and celebrities in addition to protecting organization’s assets from those individuals, companies, and countries that would rather steal or destroy their assets than invest research and development resources. SSC provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to flexible and adapt to any environment while deterring, detecting, and responding to risks whether they are in the boardroom or the sandbox.

Our training is consistent with federally accepted protective doctrine and is legally defensible. We subscribe to a proven methodology that uses doctrine that is battle tested and within legal guidelines.

Certification Courses

All attendees receive a certificate upon completion of every SSC course. Some courses offered at Strategic Security Corp.’s Global Training Center are national certification programs that require renewal or your certification will expire. Every course announcement will state whether it is a national certification programs and terms.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Ten hours of class participation and attendance at Strategic Security Corp.’s Global Training Center equal one (1) CEU.