STRATEGIC POLICE INFORMATION NETWORK (SPIN) — Strategic’s Facebook for the Security Industry

The Strategic Police Information Network (SPIN) is a dynamic, multi-dimensional information sharing partnership between the Law Enforcement & Intelligence Communities throughout the world and Strategic Security affording Strategic’s clients connectivity. SPIN seeks to increase public safety through the sharing of important and timely information designed to promote clients’ initiatives and maintain their business continuity.

The goals of SPIN are to share information, identify and discuss trends and solutions, and work together toward the common goal of protection of persons and assets. The opportunities and threats existing in any situation always exceed the resources needed to exploit the opportunities or avoid the threat.

Thus, strategy is essentially a problem of allocating resources and SPIN is the solution. Having a strategy is useless without timely actionable information and the ability of implementation. If strategy is to be successful, it must allocate superior resources against a decisive opportunity. Like a product or service, the planning process itself must be managed and shaped, if it is to serve executives as a vehicle for strategic decision-making. Strategic Security Corp. (SSC) believes that a satisfied customer is the best strategy of all.

Connectivity through SPIN addresses:

  • General crime trends in a geographical area
  • Current demonstration and /or organizing activity
  • Past successful organizing campaigns, groups involved
  • Funding sources if known
  • Geographic areas covered by activists organizations and / or chapters
  • Campaign promotional material posted in a geographical area
  • Known organizers networks and affiliates
  • Permit applications
  • Knowledge of all codes and ordinances governing protests / demonstrations
  • Local Police Department manpower allocated for a planned demonstration
  • “Game Day” Law Enforcement connectivity
  • Field and police reports

SPIN features include:

  • Research of industry related court filings
  • Organization job postings
  • Postings on social media
  • Open source media
  • Training (Distance learning Labor Unrest and Civil
  • Disturbances courses available at additional cost)
  • Identify security that can respond for key stakeholders
  • Identify Public Information Officers
  • Crisis Management

SSC has SPIN Facilitators throughout the world. SPIN Facilitators are strategically cultivated based relationships with SSC’s core management team totaling over 500 years of experience in law enforcement (LE) and the intelligence gathering communities (IC). It is important to note that SSC SPIN Facilitators need not be a supervisor in their respective police department, rather they need to be the point of contact that is instrumental in the issuance of a permit and / or in the area of planned activity for allocation of law enforcement resources. 

“You wouldn’t perform open heart surgery without ever having been a surgeon. Let us speak the law enforcement jargon for you. SSC’s management team possess over 500 years of law enforcement experience.”