Our Approach

Strategic Security’s story begins and ends with you, our customer. After listening to your pain points, what really is weighing on your shoulders:

Fear of an active shooter or other workplace violence, the threat of shrinkage from both internal and external sources, your current contract security provider that is causing you to deal with service issues resulting in vulnerabilities at your location due to staffing inconsistencies which lead to uncovered shifts, or is it unprofessionalism in the workforce, invoice inaccuracy, poor communication or the lack of direct access to executive leadership that leads to a sense of abandonment by your contract security provider, or is it having to source multiple security solutions providers to address other security concerns or needs, or is it the fear of transitioning, because change is uncomfortable.

We customized a security plan that is tailored to each customer’s KPIs and service concerns, using a combination of a professional and dependable intelligence driven security guard force along with the latest innovations in technology we deliver an unapparelled customer experience that fits within your budget. As an all-inclusive security provider we are capable of providing much more than just a manned guarding company. We provide emergency response officers, turn key temporary facilities  for lodging, pandemics, points of distribution, hospitals, strikes, international law enforcement connectivity, the flexibility to go from unarmed to armed guards if the threat levels increase, investigations, executive protection, humanitarian relief, integrated system, full spectrum intelligence and surveillance as well as consulting assessments.

Our integrated security solutions help you anticipating and managing risk which can transform workplace issues, such as operational costs, employee safety, risk and emergency preparedness into opportunities for growth, improvement and cost containment.

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Performing the

Depending on your organization’s size the risk assessment can take about business 5 to 120 days, physically inspecting sites and processes as well as monitoring endpoint threats. It identifies areas of deficiencies as well as steps taken to mitigate the risk.

Review Results and

After the monitoring period, our security experts are here to discuss your risk assessment results in a no-pressure, sales-pitch-free call. The detailed report will serve to outline which network, policy and physical changes can best protect your organization from threats.