Threat Watch


As part of Strategic Security’s Overwatch Security Solutions or as a stand alone service. Strategic’ s Threat Watch risk analysis benefits organizations by providing quantitative real time data to assess risk levels and subsequent level of security or risk mitigation programs to put in place. Leveraging the latest in data mining, analytics and machine learning security operators, Human Resources and compliance groups can cut through the clutter of on-line chatter to quickly identify corporate threats and insights in real time. This advanced monitoring platform eliminates the false positives of traditional threat intelligence solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Strategic Security delivers a flexible solution to assess risk. Threat Watch provides visibility and insight into both physical and on-line risk across an entire organization. The Threat Watch platform systematically and continually scours: Social Media, dark web, Internet groups as well as news platforms and local law enforcement feeds (local, domestic and national). Incorporating Strategic’ s proprietary technologies and the U.S. intelligence agency’s best practices we are able to identify and quantify potential risks and notify clients of potential threats in real time.

Threat intelligence can now be available at all levels of your organization or be limited to key decision makers. When a threat is detected, it is communicated via alert or integrated into existing platforms for seamless situational awareness that provides the broadest possible discovery and evaluation. Early detection of threats helps protect your most crucial assets.

Most organizations relationship with risk is a reactive one. Many times implementing security measures or mitigation plans after the event. With Strategic Security Corp.’s Threat Watch and analysts, organizations can now be proactive and expansive to mitigate risks before they happen. Strategic Security prides ourselves on our desire to not only address any initial security issues, but flexible enough to leverage our diversity; which allow us to anticipate and prevent possible exposures to risk. Pointing out issues is easy; preventing them is now just as easy. Working with you proactively - will be our mission


  • Real time situational risk analysis
  • Reduces manned guarding costs and workers compensation
  • Informed decision makers via quantitative real time risk data modeling
  • Enhances overall corporate physical security plan and employee safety
  • Maintains business continuity


  • Monitors public and private data
  • Monitors local violent and non violent crime trends
  • Covers, web, dark web and social media platforms
  • Local police API feeds
  • Reports risk % and sentiment % for every online post and overall enterprise assets
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SS - employees


  • Monitor event or employee targeting
  • Be aware of threats against office or facilities from street level crime to organization activity
  • Understand executive's on-line liabilities including business travel.
SS - locations
  • Understand possible dangers
  • Know about coordinated protests or planned events
  • Be aware of dangerous on-line chatter targeting specific locations 
SS - brand


  • Proactively monitor brand sentiment on-line
  • Understand employee and public viewpoint
  • Monitor brand mentions for fraud or counterfeit products
SS - public


  • Understand historical sentiment of brand and products
  • Know when posting perception changes or if brand has been compromised
  • Be aware of meaningful volume changes in postings or social mentions in real time to address issues
SS - products and ip


  • Understand internal threat and potential employee-related risks
  • Know if corporate IP addresses compromised
  • Monitor competitors and counterfeit products for violations
SS - discover


  • Monitor the social impact of disgruntled former employees
  • View and address possible labor organization issues by employees
  • Cross reference dangerous crime surges with proximity to your location
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