Manned Guarding


As a leader in managed security services, Strategic Security is equipped to provide every aspect of armed security, surveillance, and executive protection. Strategic Security protects the lives and assets of the highest profile organizations and people in the US.

Our manned guarding services include:


When you partner with Strategic Security, you’re getting more than a private security company; you’re adding a private law enforcement firm to your business. We select only the best qualified candidates for security guard and security officer positions. Then, we provide rigorous training and career advancement opportunities. This system provides you with dedicated and highly trained professionals.

Using our superior staff and advanced surveillance technologies, we deliver optimized security with a light footprint. Our services are customized to fit your budget and needs.

Integrated Technology


In the dynamic world we live in, risks can materialize rapidly, causing unforeseen damages and loss. Strategic Security’s managed security services incorporate the latest in surveillance and monitoring technologies to best anticipate threats.

As risks evolve, Strategic Security is equipped to keep you one step ahead, while keeping one eye on the security performance of your entire operation. 

Utilizing the concept of a security operations center, a centralized location where all aspects of your security are integrated and monitored, Strategic Security delivers cost-effective monitoring and reporting, including:


Incorporating these technologies into your security and emergency management plan brings both cost effectiveness and efficiency of response.  Strategic Security monitors all aspects of both your US security operation and protection for international assets. We strive to lower security costs and meet your key performance metrics.

Intelligence-Driven Security Workforce


Knowledge is the key to effective planning and decision making, and Strategic Security is dedicated to gathering the most actionable intelligence for your business.

Collecting relevant intelligence is the goal for the security operations center, intelligence analyst, and other surveillance assets of your business. Strategic Security adds human value to all intelligence gathered, reducing the number of false positives, which waste time, resources, and remove focus from real threats.

By ignoring noise and chatter, true threats are identified. These threats are then communicated throughout the managed security services environment, from SOC to the security officer in the field.

Strategic Security offers a host of technology-forward solutions for maximizing security while minimizing security spend:


Working with existing emergency management assets in your organization and community, Strategic Security’s managed security services enable proactive response to any detected threats. Our field-proven technologies enable us to provide real-time alerting or system prompts when new risks materialize. 

Risk Advisory & Consulting


Crises or emergencies happen out of the blue; it’s not always possible to stop them. These incidents become catastrophes if they’re not responded to effectively. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) helps mitigate these risks.

BCP is the process of creating, testing, and maintaining an organization-wide plan to recover from any kind of disaster. Strategic Security Corp works with clients to develop customized BCPs in three fundamental areas:


Strategic Security works with you to identify all the things that could go wrong, and then plans the optimal way to recover from these shocks. We make sure your BCP anticipates everything from minor power surges to natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Strategic Security offers a host of risk consulting across industries and specialized consulting for financial services. Ensure that your crisis management plan anticipates all possible threats with a comprehensive risk review. Strategic Security will work with you to develop an efficient and effective emergency management plan, and can provide the resources needed to implement it.

Emergency Response


Strategic Security is ready for instant deployment when emergency strikes. Whether it’s a category five storm, flash flooding, earthquakes, or other natural disaster, Strategic Security is ready to answer the call to protect assets, lives, and human rights.

Strategic Security Corp’s emergency response team can deploy turnkey temporary life support facilities for a variety of populations. Working with local emergency response assets, or supporting surge populations, Strategic Security understands operational tempo, and is ready to meet the demands brought about by the most intense disasters.

Strategic Security keeps emergency management and response assets like helicopters, fueling facilities, and water equipment on 24-hour standby. Strategic Security Corp is equipped and experienced in every manner of crisis management and emergency services:


When disaster strikes and government services are out of commission, Strategic Security has the manpower and expertise to respond when you need it most. Our expert consultants, security officers, and support professionals are dedicated to protecting your most precious assets during any emergency.

If you’re concerned about your organization’s security, contact Strategic Security Corp today. Schedule a free consultation to see how Strategic Security can enhance your security and ability to respond to crisis.

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