Canine Explosive Detection Teams

Canine explosive detection teams operate in the:

  • Aviation,
  • Multimodal,
  • Maritime,
  • Mass transit,
  • Event and
  • Cargo environment.

Strategic’s explosives detection canines are trained on a variety of explosives based on intelligence data and emerging threats.

Strategic’ staff, includes fully trained and experienced handlers that are current or former law enforcement officers with real world experience. Canines are an important layer in a security and protection program. The teams capably navigate among large groups of people to pinpoint the source of an explosive odor, even if the source is mobile and often without the source being aware it is being tracked.  Handlers are trained to read its dog’s change of behavior when it indicates an explosive scent has been detected. If a dog alerts its handler to the presence of explosive odor, established procedures are followed to resolve the alarm. The use of these highly-trained canines is an effective tool in deterring and detecting the introduction of explosive devices into the nation’s mass gathering areas.