“The officers assigned are excellent when it comes to deescalating situations and defuse the incident without any problems. They are always ready to assist FEMA employees to their full capacity.”

B Valencia Scott, Disaster Recover Center Manager,
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency

“With expert driving of your team and the choreographed percision of one vehilce blocking side streets for the other vehicles, we were able to move around the clogged city streets in no time at all.”

Richard Kohlberger, Senior VP,
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company

“Consultants with the specialized experience needed to supplement our staff and ensure AML and due diligence compliance wih the regulators.”

Jim Tingey, Executive Vice President,
Palm Desert National Bank

“Real time intelligence that assists us in maintaining our continuity of operations throughout the world while minimizing losses.”

Alvin Collins, Security Manager,
McDonald’s Corporation

“An event security guard force that understands emergency preparedness, crowd control, executive protection and investigations ensuring our brand.”

Bob Joyce, Security Director,

“Strategic works with us to understand our corporate culture and the global threats we face operating in the U.S. Mexico and the U.K. They deliver results.”

Ed Oldak, Sr Director of Facilities
MSC Industrial Supply Co.