Intelligence Services

Timely, predictive, actionable intelligence, coupled with custom assessments and analysis to provide tailored solutions to help our clients operate globally with confidence.

In today’s world, information alone is not enough. What distinguishes us from our competitors that offer similar services is that we have the ability to not only provide the open source information but the specific actionable intelligence that goes beyond the basic overview assessment to a much more granular level.

Our intelligence analysts monitor the world 24×7 for threats to clients and their operational assets. With a deep understanding of the threat landscape, we work closely with clients on important matters, like travel, operational risk, employee safety, labor movements and financial transactions, acquisitions or mergers, to help them minimize risk and make critical decisions with confidence.

Businesses looking to operate in a particular region or expand their footprint through a transaction, third-party relationship, or investment, need accurate information about these entities and their executives and or the regions they operate in and the potential risks that they may present.

Clients turn to us for our in-depth experience and highly specialized skills in the areas of due diligence, analytical approach, investigation, appropriate use of quantitative modeling and data-mining technology, as well as for our expertise in the various intelligence collection disciplines and proprietary advanced technology. This helps our clients key stakeholders and decision makers gain deeper insights and navigate successful outcomes.With multisource data, standardized processes, analytics and subject matter experts, we help reduce risks delivering:

  • Alerts specific to threats and events around the world, published 24×7 according to client protocols
  • Assessments that help tailor analysis and reporting to support strategic business decisions
  • Client Bulletins that report on developing events with broad and significant impact
  • Destination Intelligence from around the world
  • Intelligence Subscriptions delivered daily, weekly and monthly to report on global security, operational risk and health developments
  • GPS Tracking of Employees / Client to a designated Geo Fenced location
  • Wellness Check Ins whereas employees check in at designated times to ensure their safety and location
  • Travel, Medical and Security Assistance is available for routine and urgent needs
  • Reports provide up-to-date intelligence, traveler details, risks and asset status