Remote Guarding

Strategic Security Corp.’s (SSC) Remote Guarding, you get a tailor made service to suit your organization’s individual, compliance or regulatory needs across any industry.

SSC offers clients two models for implementing a remote guarding as part of a larger incident detection and response (IDR) program. These models include:

  • Option 1: SSC installs a security camera system (no hard-wiring required) that allows for autonomous operation no matter how remote your location for continuous 24/7 event driven monitoring, detecting and responding to security issues and incidents.
  • Option 2: SSC is granted by clients remote viewing privileges of client’s own video camera system.

How it works?

Regardless of option chosen from the SSC Command and Security Operations Center, analysts will be altered to potential threats are detected by cameras through video analytics of intelligent event driven technology and automatically analyze the event based on predefined criteria established with each client. SSC analysts can then perform the following remote guarding services:

Remote Guarding Services

  • Remote Alarm Verification ​
    • Analysts will look for potential signs or threats that may have triggered an alarm, thus resulting in fewer instances of police, guard, or designated manager response​ to investigate it.
  • Remote Perimeter Patrol, Intrusion Detection and Notification
    • Through intelligent video analytics for each location, SSC analyst are alerted if there is suspicious activity or unauthorized access. If a breach is discovered, analysts will then enact the notification protocol which may include on site or mobile guard response​, 911 call to police and client management designee.
  • Remote Employee or Visitor Escort
    • Analysts conduct live video surveillance of employees, visitors and contractors​ as they arrive and depart from the location.
  • Remote Delivery Verification
    • Analysts conduct live video surveillance to ensure that a delivery is made or left at the proper location.​
  • Remote Access Entry Control Management
    • Analysts through a combination of live video surveillance and building automation systems grant or restrict access to a location.​
  • Remote Patrol
    • Analysts perform ​video based patrols that were once the requirement of a traditional on site guard at a fraction of the cost.

​SSC’s remote guarding services can be used in lieu of traditional on-site guard services or in combination with a on-site guard force to enhance operations.