Executive Protection

Strategic Security Corp. provides corporate executives, celebrities and other high net-worth individuals and their families with a full range of discreet, personal and professional protection services that facilitate their business careers, public appearances, social activities and private lives with minimal imposition on the client.

We deliver protection to suit your requirements and eliminate threats by providing secure hassle free ground transportation, surveillance posts, escort agents, and advance planning that evaluates safe travel routes, hotels and facilities. Many of our agents are certified Transportation Security Administration Armed Security Officers under the Department of Homeland Security. We provide protection on land, sea and in the air. We offer:

  • Personal (close-in) Protection Services,
  • Family Protection Services,
  • Residential Security Services and Systems, and
  • Protection Advance Services that consist of lead agent intelligence advances and counter surveillance units

All of our agents must complete an Executive Protection Security Program given by instructors who are former protection agents with the United States Secret Service and Diplomatic State Department at Strategic Security Corp.’s Global Training Center.