Security Guards

Strategic Security Corp.’s Force Protection Security Program consists of armed and unarmed security officers that can be uniformed or in plainclothes that can support your organization’s needs nationwide. We are currently fulfilling this vital mission for both the public and private sector that includes a growing list of leading corporations, financial and private institutions and government entities.

Through a customized staffing program to fit every budget, we offer highly skilled and experienced personnel that must complete Strategic Security Corp.’s Global Training Center, which ensures the highest level of professionalism.

Strategic Security Corp.’s (SSC) Uniformed Protection Services, provides professional security guard services for corporations, federal agencies, and public facilities around the world. Strategic Security Corp.’s supervisors and guards are professional, skilled, dedicated officers meticulously selected and extensively trained.

Many of our uniformed personnel have police, federal law enforcement, or military security experience. Their expertise ranges from basic security functions to crisis management and emergency response. Strategic Security Corp.’s guards are subject to the most rigorous background inquiries and training programs in the country. This ensures SSC’s standing as the security industry’s quality control leader.

The mission of SSC’s Uniformed Protection Services remains the same today as it was when it was founded ‐ to create an entirely different sort of uniformed security officer division and in the process set a standard of excellence by which all security companies would be measured. The successful achievement of our mission is something we are proud of, and it has made us even more determined to give our clients the very best service. We also know that the level of our service is directly related to the total of all of our procedures and approaches, and not to one or two areas. For this reason, we look at the whole picture (recruiting, screening, training, employee retention strategies, inspection programs, on‐site and corporate management, and administrative support) when we evaluate our service. What we then deliver to our clients is a complete security service made up of components specifically designed to be of the highest quality.

Strategic Security Corp.’s Guard Services include:

  • Armed / Unarmed Guards
  • Uniformed Guards
  • Plainclothes Guards
  • Remote Guarding
    • A security officer, stationed in Strategic’s Security Operations Center, an offsite video monitoring center, conducts a full video-tour of a facility, makes security announcements and manages access controls for employees and visitors. The same officer can complete logs and file reports traditionally per-formed on-site.
  • Mobile Guarding
    • The officer driving the vehicle will check on the facility a predetermined number of times – and be in the vicinity to respond if he/she gets a command from the central station monitoring center. Many commercial and residential customers are seeking this as a way to reduce or eliminate the very costly false alarm costs now being imposed by the local law enforcement agencies.

Security Guard Equipment Technology

Software and Hardware
Strategic Security’s officers are equipped with Strategic’s Workforce Management Software — an exclusive performance and compliance tool that runs on mobile devices enabling officers to record incident information and deliver real-time notifications to appropriate staff. Strategic’s Workforce Management Software capabilities include

  • Incident capture and notification,
  • GPS plotting,
  • Guard tour documentation,
  • Daily activity reports,
  • Field inspections,
  • Visitor logs,
  • Time and attendance,
  • Safety and facility inspections and
  • Daily client summary reports

The integration of Strategic Security officers with this powerful technology adds quality and value to public safety and security programs. Strategic’s Workforce Management Software provides our clients with easy and affordable access to the software and hardware that is needed to effectively manage and provide accountability for your contract security guard operation, equipment and officers.

We make sure reports are delivered to our clients on time. Our electronic reporting software gives clients access to paperless reports whenever and wherever they need them.

Our 24 Hour Security Operations Center can view officer patrol activity in real-time. Our guard tour tracking software with GPS technology gives our analysts real-time access to view officer patrol activity. This helps to ensure that officers are on site, alert, checking all posts and completing their tours. Better yet the software will send our Operations Center an alert if officers are not performing their essential duties.

GPS verifies that officers are on site when they clock in for their shift. Our time and attendance software alerts us if officers aren’t clocking in and out of shifts on time triggering coverage protocol alerts with 10 minutes. Our time and attendance software integrates with our scheduling, payroll, e-learning, disciplinary action system and performance evaluations.