Aviation Security 

There is no doubt that the airlines have been going through a very complex process since 9/11. The entire world was able to see the many dangers of airport security issues. This means that proper actions need to occur to handle those risks with optimal results.

Many security threats can affect the aviation industry. This is the main reason why it is important to consider all of them and take a proper course of action. There are priorities and there are some factors that depend on locations and protocols. With that said, there are universal security measures that are always important to consider.

The most common security issues related to aviation

  • Aircraft hijack
  • Insider threat
  • Explosive devices
  • Cyberattacks

    Aircraft hijack

The world was able to notice the incredible damage that can be done by a hijacked aircraft. This is the main reason why it is so important to consider the required security measures to upgrade aircraft safety.

The concern that seems to be most common now is that some airlines are allowing aliens with no ID to come aboard planes by just presenting their tickets. This alone can be a devastatingly dangerous situation for many airlines.

Enforcing the level of security in airlines in essential for a successful outcome. There are some airlines that have shown concern over the possibility of a lawsuit. Mainly for not allowing passengers in for security reasons.

Perhaps this calls for a new set of regulations and requirements implementation. Every person that purchases airline tickets should follow the rules and regulations established by the airlines. This process needs to be clear and it needs to allow passengers to have a clear idea of how they work

No passengers cannot enter an aircraft without showing proper identification at the boarding gates. This is going to be very important and it will create an extra layer of security that is extremely important.

Insider threat

Sometimes the security of an aircraft can be compromised by an internal issue. A disgruntled employee failing to perform proper maintenance on the aircraft, or airport staff allowing individuals to enter the plane without any kind of security measures taken.

The insider threat has always been a concern and it is up to each airline to be able to identify them. One of the major issues related to this is that it can be difficult to spot an internal threat until security has been breached.

When airlines face insider threats of any kind, the need to reevaluate their screening process becomes more relevant. This is one of the reasons why it the recommendation is to conduct a good search process. Obtaining this is important to determine the best company for the job.

Explosive devices

One of the most feared situations for any aircraft security personnel is to have to deal with explosive devices onboard. This is not only going to create a very difficult situation if the purpose of the device is to hijack a plane, but also if the purpose is to detonate the device.

Optimal screening to detect any possible chemicals or components used to create bombs are necessary. In addition, this is an expensive addition, but one that would prove to be necessary.

The use of explosive devices to compromise aircraft safety is still a concern that you should address. It is imperative that we focus on preventing such incidents from taking place.


The world has moved into the digital era with full force and cybersecurity is more important than ever before. If an airline navigation system and air traffic control center is hacked, this can lead to very serious security issues.

The process of training airline staff to ensure that they do not become victims of security breaches is very important. There are many reasons why you should always consider the importance of this procedure.

One of the most common ways for hackers and cybercriminals to enter a system is by using phishing techniques. This happens by targeting a specific employee and once that employee opens an infected file, the process of hacking the system starts.

This is more of a common issue than most people even know and that is why employee awareness needs to be employed. The sooner that you ensure training for airline staff for this purpose, the better.

It is always important to remember that we are now living in a digitalized world in many ways. The inclusion of the Metaverse is something that is also going to be the norm sooner than later.

All indicates that we have to be ready to handle cybersecurity to the best of our ability. There will be many instances when we are going to deal with cybercrime and being prepared to recognize it, to handle it, and to avoid it is a priority.

Hiring optimal security services

Airline security requires a very complex process to ensure optimal results. Not only that, but you also need to hire a security team that is aware of the intricacies of this industry. A higher level of security is possible only once you are able to achieve this.

This is the reason why hiring the most competent providers is going to prove to be essential. Security companies that have airline security experience are usually the most fitting for this type of project.

Final thoughts on aviation security issues

We are now headed to a much more hectic and dynamic way of life. The way that we are able to handle airport and aircraft security is going to be very important. The sooner we are able to prepare for the modern age, the faster we are going to manage the problem.

All required aircraft security measures need to be considered. We need to be quick about the implementation of any security measures that will help us guarantee safer travels. This is a time when we have to increase awareness and guarantee that safety is always the priority.

 By Joseph Sordi, President

Strategic Security Corp.