Entertainment Security

The world of entertainment has always been one that has a history for security problems. When there are large crowds of people that are engaged in leisurely activities, there is a lot of room for unsafe behavior.

There have been many incidents during entertainment events that you can stop with the right kind of approach. This is why it is essential to consider the most reliable strategies that can help diffuse a situation.

What is classified as entertainment security?

Any time that a security operations center called to enforce the security of a concert, a convention, a party, an award show, or a movie set. It is also the case when people gather to watch a football or baseball game.

It is basically any form of entertainment that could become the target of an attack or a security breach. There have been many situations when this has been evident as concerns will end up with fights breaking out. This happens in many locations and handling it depends on security staff.

Popular and massive entertainment events that went wrong

It can be easy to take the case of Woodstock 99, an event that looked to mimic or repeat the peace and love vibe of the original festival. The issue was that a few people decide to start small fires and this led to the herd mentality. The kind of mentality that creates chaos. Eventually, several fires raged on with many injuries as well as property and equipment damage.

In cases such as this one, there is need for a reliable security service. One that can handle this type of situation without feeling overwhelmed. The biggest issue is that this is not a simple process and it can be very difficult to achieve the desired results.

Security services need to be able to predict this kind of behavior before it escalates it spirals out of control. There have been many instances when events for entertainment purposes have led to violence.

Musicians and actors are very likely to be involved in events that could lead to situations that compromise security. When this happens, it is essential for a reliable security team to handle the problem.

Another famous and very sad case was the death of Guitar Player Dimebag Darrell, who was shot on stage by an enraged fan of his former band Pantera. The lack of security in the venue caused this fatality. Unfortunately, by the time a police officer had arrived, the guitarist was already dead.

The shooter went up on the stage and shot him as well as part of the crew for the band Damage Plan. Avoiding this kind of issue is possible with professional entertainment security that would never allow a firearm to enter the venue.

Protecting the property and entertainers

When dealing with any kind of issues related to safety in entertainment, there is a need to protect the entertainers as well as the property. The property includes everything from the venue to the equipment used, while the entertainers are not just the people on stage, but also their crew and the ones that are in charge of installing the props, the lights, and the stages for the events to take place.

Those are all relevant part of the entertainment process and they require specific safety measures. A good security company is going to provide security solutions that fit the specific needs of an event. This is going to be very important, as the event will be likely to require some analysis in order to see the vulnerabilities and the issues that could generate a security breach.

How to choose the right kind of security service provider?

Once you have established the need for professional security, you need to be abler to choose the right provider for your needs. This is not going to be a simple process, but we are going to give you some useful pointers to help you make this decision.

A good security service provider should offer the following:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • A team of highly experienced security experts
  • Experience in entertainment security
  • A proven record of effective security services

Cost effective solutions

This is probably the most relevant concern that people have when they decide to hire a security services. They want their events to be safe, but they do not want to spend a fortune to make that possible.

A team of highly experienced security experts

This is also going to be a very important part of the process of choosing the best security operations center. That or the most reliable security service near me. Keep in mind that security companies with no experience could have a hard time handling a situation.

There is a big difference between understanding the theory behind security and actually being exposed to dangerous situations. This is the reason why the experience of the security team you hire needs to be in the field, not just in practice.

Experience in the entertainment industry

Once again, it is not just about knowing the theory and the situations that could arise. It is also about being exposed to the specific type of situation that compromises security in entertainment events.

This means that you want to be working with a security team that has experience dealing with entrainment security. If you hire security services with no entertainment experience they are less likely to protect your event with optimal efficiency.

A proven record of effective security services

This is going to be extremely important for many different reasons. While it is always a good thing to give new business owners an opportunity, you will find that most people would prefer experienced security experts for their events.

It is highly advisable that you look for a team that has a record of client satisfaction that you can check.

Final thoughts

The entertainment industry is one that is always going to need security support. There are too many scenarios that could end up in serious injuries or death due to a lack of proper security.

 By Joseph Sordi, Chief Executive Officer

 Strategic Security Corp.