Executive Protection Stages

This is also a form of security approach. It is special because of its special features. One might wonder what exactly it entails or what could come under the umbrella of this special form of security approach. The need for this type of security measure will be evaluated as well, in addition the clients who need this type of security will be explored. We will also take ample time to completely list the stages of this special type of security. The need for all of these efforts is to make sure that before the end of this discussion the reader will have a better understanding of executive protection.

Executive protection comes with a whole lot of other names. Some call it close protection, it could also be called VIP protection. These different names all expose a significant feature of this type of security. The focus right now is to fully explain what executive protection means. After doing that we will look at some of its features. Executive protection is a term used to represent security measures employed to guarantee the safety of very important personalities, celebrities and individuals who may be high profile targets for assassination kidnap or any other type of harm because of their: status in society, their employment, the level of information at their disposal, their celebrity status, their wealth their association and network or the geographic location. This security measure includes not only the provision of personnel to secure the client it also includes on ground and off the ground preparations which are directed towards mitigating risks and risk associated incidents. So, the security activity starts from before the individual leaves the house. It includes having the individual’s itinerary carefully examined. The route to be taken by the individual being safeguarded evaluated a day or a couple of days even before the journey is made. See this is the amazing thing about this security measure. When looking at them you may feel they are not ready or security conscious. Unlike the other form of security measures all walking around showing weapons out in the open this particular system is somewhat concealed. It may take a while before you even spot the security personnel. It could make someone wonder if they are actually serious, the truth is that this security system is one of the most sophisticated security approaches because the ground work leading up to the time the secured person makes his appearance starts days before the main appearance. They deal with not only securing the individual but mitigating risks. It is within the umbrella of the private security sector in as much as government agencies like the secret service makes use of all the tactics employed by the executive protection system. Professionals who engage in this security are trained in so many skills. They are trained in handling all types of weapons, in driving and first aid. They are also fully equipped with communication gadgets to keep a closed-circuit communication flow between the personnel involved in securing the asset. It was in the 1970s that the term executive protection was first used. This term came into existence when the United States of America’s secret service developed the executive protection service and used them to guard visiting very important foreign dignitaries. Some of them are very highly connected people politically and some of a religious status, but the most important thing that made such a person entitled to this protection is the ties to the government. The client must be a guest of the government.

In the United States, the executive protection service firms are regulated at the state level. This means that it is the state that provide laws that govern the firms, organizations or security companies that provide this security service. It is the state level that is burdened with the responsibility of regulating the affairs of this security agencies. The state in turn makes it mandatory for these agencies to own a license to operate the business. They are also mandated to maintain insurance as required by law. One may wonder why there is a need of regulations by the government. First the business is such that it should be inspected by the government from time to time. This inspection is what brought about the issuance of the license. After the inspection if the company passes the inspection, they are issued a license. Now the company is required to be insured due to the high-risk level of the business the company engages in. The next mandatory requirement is training. The company is mandated by the government to train its employees. Whether or not they may have the past experience thet makes them naturally qualified for the job they are required to be trained by the company. The details of their training and the scores of the employees trained will be kept for inspection purposes. This training includes a psyche evaluation too. The reason for this is that ex-military personnel in the face of it may appear to be totally ready for this work but there could be a hidden problem like post-traumatic stress disorder for instance. This condition and its symptoms could completely render the ex-military personnel who was naturally fit for the position a complete liability and indeed a danger that should be protected against. This may not be exposed in the normal military training. This can only be exposed through a psyche evaluation. The truth is that if these laws and requirements are not in place the security agency might turn out to be a liability for the client. The safety of the client remains paramount, it is therefore the desire of the government to ensure that anyone who undertakes the business of providing executive protection services is completely qualified to do so. So, a well settled and standard executive protection agency ought to be able to show to a prospective client the following documents:

  • state issued business license
  • state issued registration to provide executive protection services
  • state issued registration allowed the agent to carry weapons for professional use
  • state issued registrations to provide protective services for every agent
  • the certificates of past and current executive protection training for each agent
  • a copy of their insurance


It is also necessary that anyone seeking to employ the services of any of these agencies should request the following documents. This will help avoid the unfortunate situation of employing an agency that is not qualified. Not asking for these documents represents a failure of carrying out due diligence on the part of the prospective client and it will affect his claims for damages should the unfortunate need arise.

There are different categories of executive protection services. These categories are grouped based on so many factors and needs. They are grouped based on the personality of the client, the occasion that called for the need of executive protection and other factors that will help determine the level of threat that is present in the given situation. We therefore have the following categories of executive protection. There is the high threat protection for dignitaries traveling internationally. This is the first because it is this particular category that brought about the inception of executive protection. The presence of risk here is high as the client is on foreign soil. The unknown territory makes it important to employ the services of people who are familiar with the environment to offer the protection. The next category is corporate executive protection for high net worth corporate officers. For company CEO s and key stake holders. The protection is needed just because of their financial status. The last is the celebrity close protection. This is needed for Television stars, sports stars music stars etc.

when we talk about stages of executive protection, we are talking about steps to be taken from when the need of hiring an executive protection agency arises up until they serve their purpose and are fully dismissed. It is important to note that these stages vary depending on the category of executive protection needed. For this conversation we will examine high risk executive protection for foreign dignitaries. The first stage is picking the right agency. Here the agency must be highly recommended and must be properly vetted. The agents to be assigned must also be vetted by the personal security of the foreign dignitary. Now after selecting the right agents for the job there should be coordination and cooperation between the hired agency and the existing security detail of the client. The next step is an evaluation of the clients itinerary. Where the client will go who the client will meet where the meeting will take place this will help the agency properly access the risk factors and provide solutions or strategies to mitigate these risks. On the day of the event there should be a close circuit communication between the agents involved. The great level of professionalism too should be employed by the agents as well. It is also important that every agent is fully in charge of his post while the leader checks in from time to time on every agent to always make sure that the security is not breached. After the event the agency will have to reevaluate the whole day’s activities, find out the faults and the weaknesses of each and how to best handle the situation next time. These are the stages of organizing executive protection.  

By Doug Ruhl, VP of Business Development

Strategic Security Corp.