Organization Policy on Firearms in Workplace

There is an undeniable level of converse when it comes to how firearms should be handled in the workplace. There are many situations in which violent acts have occurred and they have involved the use of a gun.

In some cases, there have been people who have managed to get guns into their workplace. This is a very dangerous situation and the policies on firearms should be strict enough to avoid any gun related incidents.

Guns should not be in workplaces and this is something that becomes a huge security issue. The issue is that companies are usually unable to prohibit guns from being stored in personal vehicles. Even if the vehicle is on the company parking lot. With that said, they can prohibit carrying weapons or storing them in company cars.

The controversy of guns in America

There is no question that guns have been controversial all over the United States. This is mainly due to many incidents that have led to fatalities. High schools, offices, stadiums, homes, and even churches have fallen victim to gun violence. The problem is very evident and the idea of regulating the use and sale of guns in the US is not simple. It is not an idea that we would expect to become a reality anytime soon.

The biggest concern in the work place is that disgruntled employees can end up using a gun in the heat of the moment. They will usually store their firearms in their vehicles and this makes it very easy for them to walk out of their office, go to the parking lot, retrieve the gun from the vehicle, and come back to the office property while armed.

This is the kind of situation that is most probable to see in any workplace scenario. There are many violent acts that can easily be prevented if there is no access to firearms at the workplace or near the workplace. With that said, the prevention of the use of a gun within the workplace depends heavily on the security provided.

Security measures to avoid firearm violence in the workplace

Proper safety measures at the workplace are likely to be the only reliable way to handle gun related issues. This is the main reason why our recommendation is that you take the time to look into this process carefully. There are many ways for a business to stay safe and avoid issues due to the use of guns.

The first security measure is to install cameras in every possible area that leads to the workplace. This is a great way to stop anyone walking towards the property with a gun. This would be enough to alert the building security and take proper measures to avoid any issues.

Training security staff to handle gun related incidents

This is very important as it allows security staff in the workplace to achieve the best possible results when facing this sort of threat. It is essential that security staff can handle this carefully in order to avoid anything that could escalate further.

The moment someone walks over to any area with a gun in their hands, this is already a very hostile situation. Keeping calm and being able to diffuse the situation before it continues to worsen is very difficult. It takes a lot of training and emotional control to handle such a hostile scenario.

This is the main reason why the security staff that you hire for the workplace is highly experienced. Some security staff receive proper training, but their lack of field experience can play a major role in their reactions.

When someone is under the influence of an adrenalin rush, their ability to make use of their training is going to be tested. This is the main reason why security staff needs to come from a reliable service.

Evaluating the mental health of workers

This is going to be a very important step to consider if you want to be able to prevent any gun related violence. Conduct a staff evaluation process at least once every six months in order to ensure that they are in good mental shape.

Once you are able to do this, you will be preventing many issues that could come from someone who has lost their mental stability. These types of evaluations are very common in some industries.

The security sector being one of the places that is most likely to require these psychological evaluations. This is essential give the responsibilities and the type of scenarios that security staff handle day after day.

Creating an organization policy

There should be a detailed organization policy that all employees need to read before becoming part of any work environment. This is the reason why the creation of a detailed and logical policy regarding firearms is a serious problem.

You need to consult a professional in the security industry in order to create this type of documentation. It is extremely difficult to do this properly without considering many factors. There are technicalities that can make a policy something difficult to enforce.

If your policy cannot guarantee clarity, it could end up becoming more of a problem than a solution. This is the reason why hiring the best possible advisor for the creation of your policy is important.

Final thoughts on Organization Policy on Firearms in the Workplace

There is no question that this is a very important aspect of your work policies that needs to be carefully decided. Making sure that this happens with the right kind of approach to avoid any serious issues is going to be optimal.

Guns are a problem that can’t be overlooked and this means that giving priority to proper safety measures in case of gun violence is crucial for a safer workplace environment. This is the reason why we strongly recommend all business owners to take proper precautions regarding this type of situation.


 By Joseph Sordi, Chief Executive Officer

 Strategic Security Corp.