Free Security Risk Assessment for Your Business

Are you aware of the hidden risks that are threatening and/or affecting your organization from operating at its greatest potential?

Each day, organizations face a variety of risks ranging in type, length and severity. Risks can include, but are not limited to, data breaches, communication failures, natural disasters, hardware/software breakdowns and illness. Whatever the risks may be, businesses must be proactive, forward-thinking, and action oriented to prevent potential risks from turning into catastrophic losses.

Since Strategic Security Corp.’s story begins and ends with you, our customer. We are offering free security risk assessment for your organization.

All it takes is four simple steps. Get started today!

Step 1: Download and Complete Your Free Risk Assessment

Stakeholders within your organization will complete a risk assessment worksheet to determine where your organization’s risks are most prevalent. You will gather information on the probability of occurrence and the impact potential for over 50 common risks.

Step 2: Setup a Kickoff Call

After completing your worksheet, a Strategic Security Certified Protection Professional will be in touch to explain the risk assessment worksheet and discuss your current environment and security policies.

Step 3: Perform the Assessment

Depending on your organization’s size, the risk assessment can take about five to 120 days, physically inspecting sites and processes as well as monitoring endpoint threats. It identifies areas of deficiencies and steps taken to mitigate the risk.

Step 4: Review Results and Recommendations

After the monitoring period, our security experts are here to discuss your risk assessment results in a no-pressure, sales-pitch-free call. The detailed report will serve to outline which network, policy and physical changes can best protect your business from threats.

Begin your free Strategic Security Risk Assessment today!

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