This past month, a number of our security personnel were recognized for their commitment to protecting our client’s safety during a customer altercation.

On December 4, 2019, a disruptive customer visited a County Local Government Facility's visitation room—a client of Strategic Security Corp. As noted in a letter of commendation from a County representative, the responsiveness of the security officers was exemplary.

Before the County representative could get out of his office to request security, five Strategic Security Corp. officers were already in action and entering the room. They first attempted de-escalation with the customer and then became more verbally forceful asking him to leave. The customer moved to the parking lot, and the officers stayed with him and attempted to engage local police when he was not responsive to their own direction.

During the active incident, the Strategic Security Corp. officers formed two lines of barriers between County representatives and the customer. Subsequently, the Strategic Security Corp. officers checked three times to ensure County Representatives felt safe. Throughout the entire event, the officers remained calm and professional and acted with integrity.

The County Representative noted all of the officers involved and stated that he and his co-workers appreciate them all for their hard work and dedication. On December 10, 2019, officers Kelvin Ledbetter, Unique Wood, Donald Spencer, Zayonta Givens, Jason Brown and Antonio Eleazer received a "Service Beyond Duty," commendation from Strategic Security Corp. Vice President Douglas Ruhl, Regional Manager Eugene Strader and representatives of the County.

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