Police to Security Career Transitions

A career in law enforcement can be a very engaging and exciting choice. With that said, there are many cases when police officers may want to transition to a different type of career.

It is quite common to see situations in which police officers will want o transition to private security careers. The transition process to make this happen and knowing when it is the right time to do it can be tricky. This is the reason why we are going to provide some essential information that will help with that transition.

The skills required to transition to private security

Police officers are properly trained to handle the difficult situations that they face in the streets. This means that they are usually able to deal with highly stressful scenarios and they know how to handle them.

One of the biggest differences between working as a police officer and private security is the nature of the situations. For example, when someone is a police officer, they are more likely to deal with very random issues while on patrol.

Private security works in a very different way in the sense that they usually protect a specific location or individual. This can be very complex at times and it requires very specific protocols to be followed.

The kills of a private security officer are unique in the sense that this person needs to work with a single client. Moreover, this can be required for a specific period of time. This means the security professional has to know how to handle the interactions with the client.

Some private security clients could have specific demands in terms of how they want security to work. This is very different from the rigid protocols and procedures that a police officer follows.

There are many unique opportunities in private security

Private security offers a wide range of opportunities to anyone who is looking to transition. When a person works as a police officer, their job adheres to a very specific workflow. In contrast, when someone works in private security, they could end up being the personal bodyguards of a celebrity or politician. They could also get a job protecting a specific property.

The private security professional is also able to work for events and social gatherings that require specific security measures. There are jobs in concert security, sporting event security and many others.

This is one of the reasons why the private security career is often a more flexible and more lucrative option. Professionals in private security can often choose high paying jobs with various timeframes.

There is plenty of flexibility in the private sector for security professionals. This makes it a very attractive choice that many officers are pursuing. It offers a wide range of amazing opportunities that can open the doors to very solid career opportunities.

It is important to create a resume that get the right kind of attention

Someone who has worked in law enforcement already has a great advantage in their set of skills. When a client sees this kind of background, they feel more confident about the service provider handling stressful situations.

When you seek to make this transition, you need to be able to focus on your ability to work on any environment. This is very important, as it will show that you are flexible about the services you provide.

It is also a good idea to customize your resume depending on any specific job you seek. This means that you should highlight specific strengths and accomplishments depending on the client.

Get certified for private security

There are certifications and licenses required for private security jobs. It is important to note that they are going to depend on your specific location. It is important to ensure that you can get any certifications required in the state you wish to work.

This is going to be very important when you are looking to obtain the best possible results from your efforts. If you don’t get the required certifications or licenses, you could be very limited in the number of locations you can work in private security.

The certifications usually require that the individual is able to learn specific skills that help them deal with different scenarios. None of the requirements for tests are too rigorous mainly when someone has a law enforcement background.

Look for security professionals that can guide you in this transition

If you feel that this is a process that is overwhelming you, the best way to handle this is to seek guidance from professionals. There are security agencies that can help you and guide you in this transition.

Finding the right company can mean a much easier transition as they could end up hiring your services. It is essential that you are able to bring your resume to this kind of meeting. You should also consider being as clear as you can about the kind of clients you would like to work with.

This can open many doors for you in this industry and working with the right kind of company is always a great idea. There are many private security firms out there and finding one that is a good fit for you is a great way to start your career.

There is always the option of becoming an independent security professional. This is usually part of a process that begins with employment with a security company. This journey can be very rewarding and the jobs that security professionals can find are usually very interesting and well compensated.

Final thoughts on police to private security transitions

There are going to be many advantages in the field of private security if you have prior experience in law enforcement. This is the main reason why the transition to this type of job is always going to have many advantages and endless opportunities.

 By Joseph Sordi, Chief Executive Officer

 Strategic Security Corp.