Changed Security Posture


Building a Business Case for a Changed Security Posture

Change is a constant aspect of our lives and it’s essential that we adapt as often as needed. This is extremely relevant in the security industry. Given that so many changes are taking place now. It is essential that all companies are able to guarantee the best possible outcome for their efforts.

Building a business case for a changed security posture is a very complex process. We are going to mention some of the most relevant steps that can help a business move forward. Mainly in their efforts to create a secure environment for their business.

Step 1 – Work on a security assessment

Being able to identify the current technologies that you have in your business is essential. Once you have a full assessment, you can start the process of reinventing your security approach.

Keep in mind that you need to be very specific and go in depth to see just how much you have managed to achieve. A security assessment needs to be something that you handle carefully. The reports and the results of this assessment determine the way you approach the changes in your security posture.

Step 2 – Business impact determines priority

This is a golden rule for any type of security upgrade you decide to undertake. When you consider the upgrades that you will find most useful, you are going to decide their order of priority depending on how much those changes affect your business.

Doing this is going to prove to be the kind of decision that helps you focus your efforts on the most relevant changes. Moreover, this helps you save time and money when you upgrade your security.

Step 3 – Come up with an incident management plan

There are going to be incidents that involve security at all times and you need to take the time to ensure a proper plan to deal with the issue. The best way to do this is to have a predictive approach to the kind of incidents that one would expect in a specific industry.

Once this is established, it becomes much easier to provide solutions that help the business overcome incidents with an appropriate response. In addition, the faster you can deal with a security incident, the more time and resources end up saved.

Step 4 – Automate as many processes as possible

Automation has become a huge part of all aspects of our technological advancement. This is the main reason why it is so important to implement automation in all areas. The use of technology that helps you monitor your security should be using automated solutions. This will lower the workload and help your security team focus on the relevant aspects of their profession.

Artificial intelligence is playing a very important role in all aspects of security. This happens by helping recognize the situations that lead to dangerous outcomes. Proper threat assessment is something that can happen with many variables. In addition, automation combined with effective AI solutions can make a huge difference.

Step 5 – Evolve, upgrade, and update constantly

One of the first things that people learn about security in the modern world is that it is in a constant state of change. Hence, this step is essential because it allows you to keep up with the changes that happen so suddenly now.

This aspect of the process of changing your security posture is very important. More budget needs to come into all aspects of security for an optimal result.

Your security posture should resonate with the digital era

One of the first things that people seem to do is focus on offline security. They allow online security to take a back seat. This is always a mistake and it can lead to a large number of problems for any business,

The modern age is heavily involved in digital practices and this means that criminals are also moving their efforts to the internet. Also, this is not something that can be taken lightly or taken for granted in any way.

The need for optimization of all aspects of cybersecurity is more relevant than ever before. Data privacy and security have turned into essential aspects of any business that works online.

To be able to detect cyber threats and to ensure that you can have the most reliable outcome is essential. It is extremely costly for any business to deal with comprised data. This is specially concerning and problematic when customer data is involved.

Educating business staff on the dangers of cyberattacks is also crucial. It is through employees that many of these attacks take place. Many companies are unable to handle the dangers of cyberattacks due to a workforce that is not ready to handle the threats.

It’s very common to see this happening in many companies when an employee becomes the target of a phishing tactic. If the strategy is successful, there is an infection in the employee’s computer and this can lead to a serious security breach for the entire business.

To accentuate the need for cybersecurity measures is an obligation of any security service in 2022 and beyond. This is no longer just part of a business. It has become the main aspect of the success of most ventures.

To educate the staff and o reach a completely new level of awareness proves to be the most critical aspect of the process. The more security evolves in the direction of cybersafety, the easier it will be for companies to stay vigilant. This is also to avoid any kind of unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, the entire world is looking to reinforce all aspect of security as soon as possible. This is going to prove to be the best way to protect any type of business venture from the endless threats found both offline and online.

The key is to maintain a constant process of evolution for both offline and online security measures. This is going to create the most reliable outcome for the all industries that seek to maintain a level of safety in the modern era.

 By Joseph Sordi, President

Strategic Security Corp.