More than ever, event participants are looking at event organizers to ensure their safety is a top priority.

With the continual increase of targeted attacks happening at large-scale events around the world, individuals are more aware of the potential risks that can occur at any moment. Some of these events include the 2017 Las Vegas Harvest Music Festival shooting, Manchester Arena suicide bombing, and the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Strategic Security Corp. helps security professionals and event managers plan for, manage, and respond to risks such as these. From large scale sporting events to annual shareholders’ meetings, conferences, conventions and parties, our team is ready to answer your call.

Our event security services encompass more than just providing service during an event. There are several measures that Strategic Security Corp. takes ahead of time to ensure your event’s success.

Prior to the event, we conduct a site assessment to identify the level of risk. From there, we offer mitigation strategies to reduce or eliminate the risk.

In addition, we ensure your event is equipped with the best team for the job. Each security officer is hand-picked according to the requirements of the event. Our officers are all highly trained, and many hold qualifications in personal, venue and vehicle search techniques, VIP/celebrity protection, protestor extraction, conflict management, crowd management, vehicular and pedestrian management, secure credentialing and the operation of walk through or hand-held magnetometers.

Security is a critical component to the success of an event, and organizers need to ensure safety is the last thing on their attendees’ minds. Therefore, begin working with us today to guarantee your event’s success. Contact us.

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