Keys to Running a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Creating the ultimate security operations center or SOC is not a simple task. With that said, once it is ready, it can provide a truly outstanding level of safety. This is the reason why security operator centers continue to grow in popularity all over the world.

The following are essential keys to ensure that the security operations center runs smoothly. Keep in mind that there are many factors to consider depending on the industry, so make sure that you can consider everything before you get started.

Ensure optimal equipment for your security staff

The first step in this process is to have the right kind of equipment. This means that your operations center should be running with the fastest computers, the best software solutions, and with desks and chairs that are comfortable for long sessions of work.

Choosing the right type of equipment requires technical knowledge to build your center. It is common for this process to be left in the hands of a security expert. This is the reason why most companies prefer the idea of hiring an existing security operations center that can help them achieve the best results.

Acquiring the best equipment is something for the experts running the center and this is the most logical approach. This is not something to take lightly and the budgeting of the center requires that the equipment acquisitions are ideal.

Work with seasoned and highly recommend security staff

If you are working with a security operations center, you want to work with the best. Make sure that they have what it takes to provide a reliable service. This means that you should be doing background checks on every operator to guarantee that the chain of command within the SOC is impeccable.

This is crucial for the proper function of the center and is needs to be ran by people who understand their craft. This is one of the biggest concern with security operations centers with staff that lacks experience. The kind of experience required to run this type of center smoothly.

How to build the perfect security operations team?

When you are thinking of building the perfect team, you need to be patient and scout the best security providers. This is always going to prove to be essential if you are looking to ensure the most reliable results.

The process of running checks and finding out about each member of the team is time consuming. This is why it is a good idea to hire an existing team that has a proven record of satisfaction. Once you are able to get this done, you can decide on the type of operations for the center. The staff should always be vigilant and ready to handle threats.

Prioritizing and classifying threats

Once a center is up and running, there should be a process that classifies threats and ensure the best outcome. The level of threat of a specific source should only be prioritized if there is suspicion that it will be a serious issue.

In most cases, there will be several threats, but they can’t all be classified under the same level of priority. This is a process that requires an experienced team that can decide where to maximize efforts.

Once there is identification of the most dangerous threats, handing them is the next logical step. The minimization of the threats is crucial for the operation center to be efficient. The more you can spot those threats and bring them down to a lower level of completely eliminate them, the better.

Ensuring that technology is updated to current demands

When a company works in ways to ensure an upgrade in their efforts, they need to focus on updating their technology. Once this happens, there will be less room for error and the optimization of security measures.

One of the most important and reliable aspects of this process includes the creation of a very reliable service. The kind that has the level of security staff that works hard to keep the business moving forward.

There are many changes happening right now in terms of technology and how it is implemented in security. This is crucial and it provides the most reliable results for many purposes.

Learning from past mistakes and experiences

Whenever a security operations center deals with a difficult situation, they should consider learning from their mistakes. This means that they should take proper measures to ensure that any similar threats won’t be an issue in the future.

This is also very important for any security operations center as it allows the group to handle any new problems with assertiveness. Keeping a proper log of the instances when security suffers a breach can lead to a much clearer outcome.

Compliance with digital safety

While crime offline continues to be an issue, cybercrime is quickly becoming an even more dangerous threat at corporate levels. This alone makes it very important for companies to consider the best solutions to avoid serious issues.

A security operations center should have an expert in cybersecurity. This is going to be very helpful in this process. Any security center that seeks to ensure optimized safety or a transition needs to work on all fronts.

Cybercrime is on the rise and any business that uses digital solutions is vulnerable. It is essential for all business ventures to enter the digital era, but they also need to know how to stay safe in that environment.

The power of digital solutions matches the dangers that come with it and this is the reason to upgrade security. Hiring security staff that understands the level of security needed for success in the modern world is very important.

Final thoughts on running a security operations center

Anything that relates to security needs to be handled as carefully as possible and with attention to detail. This is going to be the best way to guarantee that results are optimal and that the level of protection helps avoid serious incidents.

 By Joseph Sordi, Chief Executive Officer

 Strategic Security Corp.