Criminals Attacking Supply Chains

When you hear about this issue, you probably think of a bunch of people wearing ski masks and holding shotguns. Things have changed and now the most common way for criminals to attack supply chains is by using the internet.

This is done is by finding their way to the software that the supply chains use for business. The entry way is usually in the process of getting one employee to open a malicious file. The means by which criminals trigger these malicious files are quite vast.

We are going to be talking about some of the ways in which cybercriminals are setting traps to lure employees into opening malicious software.

The process of attacking supply chains

When you think of a security officer standing in front of a doorway at an office building, you are thinking of standard and very basic security. Cybersecurity is a completely different thing as it happens entirely online.

In order for criminals to attack supply chains by using the internet, they need to find a way in. They need to create software such as a keylogger or a Trojan virus that will allow them to view content in company computers.

Once they do this, it becomes much easier for them to damage the core of the business. This is done by ruining the supply chain software solutions. Hence, no amount of security guard training is ever going to be useful to keep supply chains safe.

When it comes to cybersecurity, things are very different. Every employee that has access to the network within the company needs to become a security officer. Therefore, failing to do this is like setting a time bomb.

Cyberattacks have become very sophisticated and this means that companies need to find ways to ensure optimal safety measures. We are going to mention some of the most common ways in which criminals infect employee computers.

Via email attachments

There are many ways for criminals to infect computers by making use of this strategy. The most common thing to see is that they will create a clone address of a trusted address. When a person sees an email coming from a source they usually trust, they will lower their guard.

The problem with this is that they are more likely to open attachments and files that could contain harmful virus. The kind that opens doors for attackers that can hijack software and steal all kinds of valuable information.

Security companies that deal with cybersecurity still list this as one of the most common ways for attacks to take place. The biggest concern is that there are cases when the email is cloned perfectly and it makes it harder for people to worry about verifying the content.

Via phishing

This is a very popular strategy that cybercriminals are implementing to steal information. For example, if a criminal group targets a specific company, they will also target specific employees.

Companies want to have access to the login credentials of employees that are involved in maintenance and updates. Once they have found an ideal target, they will work their phishing scam in many different ways.

The most common is for them to receive an email or instant message urging them to check their login for specific software. This email will contain a link that gives them access to that specific software. The problem is that both the URL and the content behind it are going to be clones of the legitimate source.

Once the person clicks the link, they will enter the information and login. Then will quickly realize that this login is not taking them to the right place. Unfortunately, by that time, the attacker could do plenty of damage and steal all kinds of information.

Not only that, but the cybercriminal responsible for making use of that information could be taking action immediately to do as much damage as possible.

Via blackmail

Sometimes a cybercriminal is not even going to attempt to attack any specific software. They will target a specific employee of a supply chain and then request payment for this or her private data. They could steal private photos, conversations, or any kind of information used to intimidate and blackmail people.

Why is it necessary to hire cybersecurity services?

Security operation center services are not only focused on offline security anymore. They have seen the value and importance of providing cybersecurity to companies. You need to make sure that any security company you hire is going to have appropriate security solutions for cyberattack threats.

Keep in mind that cyberattacks are very complex and they can be very convincing. The process of training your staff to be aware of those attacks is not simple. You need to make sure that you can hire a reliable service that has vast experience in cybersecurity threats.

This is going to be the only way for supply chains to boost their security measures. This is going to help them avoid attacks as much as possible. Not only is this essential in modern times, but it will also help a business save time and money on attacks. The kind that could become extremely expensive and damaging.

No one knows when the attack could come

Some companies do not take the threat of cybersecurity too seriously. They go by statistics expecting that their company is never going to become a target. The problem with this is that you are taking a serious gamble. Even if the percentage of supply chains attacked is not large, you are still going to be playing the lottery.

Final thoughts on attacks on supply chains

Security companies are now more involved in all aspects of cybersecurity. They can see the potential threat and the way the modern world works. This is the main reason why all supply chains looking to maintain a level of safety need to upgrade their cyber security.

This is even more important right now that we are on the verge of seeing how the Metaverse is going to change the world.

 By Joseph Sordi, Chief Executive Officer

 Strategic Security Corp.