Thermal Cameras to Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

This service complies with the new Whitehouse and CDC business reopen guidelines and uses camera, sensor and AI-based software solutions that Strategic Security can deploy right now.

Companies are interested in a quick and scalable way to screen employees, visitors, and contractors for an elevated temperature (above 100.4°F) as they enter facilities.

There are only a few FDA-approved, temperature-sensing thermal cameras and software solutions available in the market today, and they have typically served the pharmaceutical and biochemical vertical markets. An FDA-approved thermal camera temperature solution is governed by ISO13154, which sets the standard for the deployment, implementation, and operational guidelines for identifying febrile humans using a screening thermograph. These installations carry a high cost but have extreme value in the right environments and applications. Furthermore, the new Whitehouse and CDC business reopen guidelines do not mandate utilization of an FDA-approved system.

Strategic Security has identified the required solutions to ensure compliance and is an authorized reseller of thermal camera based systems designed to meet various applications and price points.

  • A high-speed AI-camera temperature scanning platform — the same system that Amazon announced they are installing in their warehouses.
  • A high-speed hand-held solution.
  • An AI-based social distancing platform.
  • Plus, you will learn how you can sell all of these services as a managed service that generates recurring monthly revenue (RMR)

Strategic Security's Officers are well trained in the utilization of its' temperature-sensing thermal cameras and software solutions as well as hand held devices. Strategic clients that elected to utilize one of Strategic's Thermal Skin Monitoring Devices are provided with detailed instructions crafted to their corporate culture and in line with U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Best Practices. The devices can be deployed under any of the following strategies:

  1. As a stand along unit monitored by an on site Strategic Security Officer or a client's employee.
  2. As a networked unit whereas the unit can be monitored remotely from Strategic Security's Operations Center
  3. As a networked unit integrated into the building automation system locking doors in the screening area if a elevated temperature is identified.
  4. As an AI-based social distancing platform that senses smart phone "pings" and provides real-time location data indoors reminding persons in the screening area via an alarm or over the PA system to maintain proper social distancing.

Johnathan Zito

Security Operations Center Supervisor

Strategic Security Corp.