5 Steps for Incident Prevention as Physical Threat Increase

There are many dangerous situations happening all over the world. With that said, it has been clear that the United States of America suffers from some of the highest crime rates. Robberies, school shootings, homicides, domestic violence and workplace violence are all prevalent and difficult to control.

The biggest concern with those situations is that we are entering a time that is more hectic than ever before. It seems difficult to be able to handle the many issues related to violence. The world moves fast and we have too many things happening around us all the time.

The following are five steps that are going to be extremely useful in the process of incident prevention.

Step 1 – Create a response plan in case of an incident

This is going to prove to be extremely important, as it will allow you to take proper and immediate action. There are many scenarios that could require very specific actions. This is the reason why it is important to be able to respond to the best of our ability.

For example, someone storms into your office building with a gun with the intention of hurting people. This could turn into a very difficult situation that can be very hard to handle. It could lead to serious injuries and even fatalities.

You need to know who to call, how to remain calm, how to secure employees in areas of the building. All of those actions are part of a series of actions that will help contribute to a safer outcome.

This is just one of endless scenarios that could happen at work, at home, or even in a public place during an event. You need to make sure that you can handle all of them to the best of your ability. When we say you, this means everyone within your organization regardless of their position.

A good way to achieve this is by hiring a competent security company. One that is going to help you create an emergency action plan.

Step 2 – Use technology to anticipate dangerous situations

Threats are always looming over us, but sometimes we can spot them and take action before they manage to take us by surprise. A great example is with the use of proper security cameras, motion detection, and even systems to handle cybercrime.

When you have a good security camera system installed in your office building, you can see any potentially difficult situation escalate in a specific area. This could give you plenty of time to react and to contact authorities or call building security if you feel the situation is not too complex.

It is important to remember that criminal activities are not limited to the world offline. A company could become the victim of data theft and their customer’s information can end up in the wrong hands. This could give way to serious financial loss for any business.

Step 3 – Learn to identify the most probable threats

The kind of vulnerabilities and threats of one industry are not going to be the same of another. For example, if you own a nightclub, you know that you are going to be dealing with a large number of threats day by day.

This is one of the main reasons why it is important to learn to identify the most common threats. Specifically the ones your particular business could face. This is going to prove to be very helpful and revealing.

Sometimes you need the help professional security companies in order to be able to identify those threats. This is why it is recommended that you hire the services of a seasoned expert in security for your specific industry.

Step 4 – Investigate all possible threats

If there is something that your research has labeled as a possible threat, you should investigate further. A good example is if you have a disgruntled employee that has left the building and threatened to retaliate.

You could take proper measures and either call the authorities if you have proof of their verbal threat, or make sure security is on the lookout for this individual coming close to the property.

Once again hiring a reliable security offer or security company can be a great way to make the best decisions. You want to make sure that any problem is handled as fast as possible. This is going to ensure the most reliable outcome in this type of situation.

Remember that no probable threat should never be left as a suspicion without further research being conducted. You will find that this is going to be extremely useful and helpful. This is going to ensure that probable threats do not become serious concerns.

Step 5 – Do not neglect your security by trying to save on company expenses

Incident prevention starts when you invest in proper security. In most cases, this means allowing professionals to handle this aspect of your business. It is not just about setting cameras and allowing technology to guard your business.

You also need to have someone with vast experience that can make the best possible decisions regarding your business. This is going to be a huge factor to keep in mind at all times.

The more you invest in security, the easier it is to handle all possible threats. Prevention is always the key factor and dealing with the consequences of a threat should always be seen as the last resort.

Final thoughts on incident prevention measures

There are many things that you need to keep in mind in order to ensure optimal incident prevention. The most viable approach is to hire an expert that can lead you on the right path to protect your business.

The biggest advantage of hiring someone for security officer duties is that this person knows how to handle each situation. If you work with a team, this is going to be even more reliable. The main reason is that there will be more input to ensure a reliable outcome.

 By Joseph Sordi, Chief Executive Officer

 Strategic Security Corp.