Professional. Reliable. Efficient. Innovative. Adaptable. Those are some of the main characteristics that are not just necessary but imperative to a successful security business. These are the attributes that clients look for in a potential vendor they may need to collaborate with to ensure the smooth running of their own day to day business operations.

The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly.  Luckily, Strategic Security possessed a FEMA certified Emergency Manager name Joseph Sordi to take the helm. As a company Strategic Security possessed 14 plus years of experience being the preferred vendor for FEMA responding to natural, civil, technological and pandemic disasters. Under Sordi's direction, Strategic Security implemented its' Business Continuity Plan which is an all encompassing plan that is based on lessons learned and even had a plan annex for pandemics. Hence, Strategic Security was able to response to this outbreak by continuing to provide 24/7/365 support to our Government and Commercial clients and ensure the well-being of our 3,500 employees all the while protecting our long-term financial sustainability.

Having access to daily FEMA briefs, stockpiles of PPE from preferred vendors, as well as being an authorized reseller for several Thermal Skin Monitoring Devices, Strategic Security was able to respond quickly and decisively to the outbreak.  Strategic clients that elected to utilize one of Strategic's Thermal Skin Monitoring Devices were provided with detailed instructions crafted to their corporate culture and in line with U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Best Practices.

Amidst the outbreak and closures, Strategic employees maintained full employment throughout the pandemic if they elected to do so. Each employee was promptly outfitted with PPE. Strategic's Human Resources Department implemented Strategic's own COVID-19 tracking and contact system as well as issuing a 14 day self monitoring worksheets for employees. Employees received memorandums and instructions through Strategic's Human Capital Management System as well as daily, weekly, monthly text message updates on co-workers or conditions at their job sites.

Both small and large businesses seek out security services for numerous reasons, from creating a presence to participating in the daily operations of the business. This includes controlling access points, keeping activity logs, surveillance, and maintaining overall order of property and people and now defending against an invisible enemy. With so many businesses in need of security personnel services, it is important to find the right security company that employs licensed, trained guards who take pride in their duties and execute them properly with management oversight and accountability.

It is important to know the personal qualifications of a security company’s owners, do they offer and have experience in ancillary services other than manned guarding, what is their business continuity plan, review any case studies or areas where the company has adapted to the changing environment or demonstrated an innovative, cost effective way to solve a client's problem. As witnessed from the recent pandemic, your security vendor must have plans in place to maintain contractual levels of service despite any event and be fiscally stable so that they can pay their employees in the event the client's staff in working remotely and there is a delay in remittance of payments.

Strategic Security Corporation, a security company headquartered in New York and serving all over the United States which includes 7 regional offices, 56 branch offices, is a prime example of an experienced security vendor.

Once all this research is done and all this information is acquired, a realistic outline of a security company can be attained within the vetting process that any business would wish to conduct when looking for the security company they need.

As we turn the corner on this outbreak, experts are anticipating a second wave next fall. Whether its utilization of a Strategic Thermal Skin Monitoring Device or a Strategic Security Guard with a hand held temperature device Strategic will be ready.

Jaime Ottenwalder

Security Operations Center Supervisor

Strategic Security Corp.