Balancing Security Workloads


There is a growing trend to delegate extra work to existing workers after firing a large portion of the staff of an office. This is not something that is ideal for the security sector due to the likelihood of mistakes caused by work overloads.

This is a very serious issue that needs to be analyzed and addressed carefully. There are many responsibilities that security staff need to handle on a daily basis. This is the reason why managing their workload is crucial for a reliable result.

The modern world and the increasing workloads for employees

We have seen the largest number of people who end up fired from their jobs since the pandemic started. This is the reason why the delegation of extra work is becoming such a common thing to see.

Perhaps there are some industries that do not have any serious repercussions from the process of overloading a worker with duties. With that said, there is always the repercussion of their health and their performance compromised.

The main thing that we need to consider when this is happening is that certain types of jobs that involved security cannot end up overloaded with work. This can lead to serious issues that could compromise entire security strategies.

How to balance security workloads

The best way to handle this type of situation is to ensure evenly distributed workloads within an organization. If this is not possible due to staff shortage, the implementation of a virtual assistant is always a good alternative. Always keep in mind that the virtual assistant can handle many time consuming tasks that are not necessarily delicate in terms of safety.

Some good examples of what a virtual assistant can do include answering emails, organizing documents, handling social media pages, and much more. All of these activities are very time consuming, but not of a complicated nature.

These are the types of jobs that a virtual assistant can do and they will help you save a substantial amount of time in the process. The best thing about virtual assistants is that they are very affordable.

You can find efficient virtual assistant services that can be quite accessible and this means you could hire them daily. There is always the question of the person that is hiring the VA. Should it be the worker that has an overload of work to finish, or should it be the company that hired the worker.

This is a very common concern and the type of question that is worth asking. The best case would be for the company to hire the Virtual Assistant. When this happens, the results are going to be much better and the VA will do the kind of work that is required.

When a virtual assistant is hired by the employee, this could be something that the business owners would find unacceptable in fear of security breaches and data theft. It is because of this possible scenario that the VA should always be working with the business owner and not with the employee.

With that said, the business owner could give the employee full freedom to delegate work of a trivial nature to someone else. Perhaps the issue in that particular case is to be able to determine what is trivial and what is not.

Employees need to set boundaries

There are some business owners that are taking advantage of the current situation to overload their existing employees with work. The biggest concern with this particular approach is that it can make things much harder for those involved.

Employees need to be able to set boundaries and let their employers know when they dealing with work overload. Some of the most common things that tell you if you are suffering from work overload are as follows:

  • Lack of time to get all your scheduled work done for the day
  • Leaving the workplace later than the official hour
  • Feeling tired and disoriented at work
  • Having no time for yourself or your loved ones
  • Feeling like there is no room to improve or innovate
  • Feeling like work is not something you enjoy anymore

These are the most common signs that a person is dealing with too much work. This is the main reason why it is so important to ensure that this is not going to be the case. When someone feels that they are being overloaded with work, they should take the time to let the employer know of this issue.

No good ever came from this kind of situation. It is going to be more harmful than good for any business to be dealing with overloaded workers. This is going to prove to be the kind of situation that is going to create tension at work. It will also lower the performance level of the workers.

This is why the best advice is that you never allow yourself to be in a position that makes it hard for you to handle your job.

Final thoughts on balancing security workloads

There are many things that can become overwhelming at work if we are overloaded with tasks. The best way to approach this is to make sure that you are only handling a fair amount of work required daily.

This is more important when you are a security professional and your performance level can have an effect on your job while out in the field. This is the reason why the process of someone dealing with an overload of work is such a dangerous thing that can have a seriously bad effect on the workflow of any security firm or company.

Learning how to handle this type of situation is going to prove to be crucial for success.

 By Joseph Sordi, President

Strategic Security Corp.