Service Feature: Executive Protection

November 26, 2019

Strategic Security Corp understands the risks associated with high-level status. For that reason, we offer a wide range of protection services for corporate executives, celebrities and other individuals of high net worth.

While people often associate individual protection services to security guards and personnel for high-traffic public and large-scale events, there are many more details that must be considered for these individuals.

In addition to providing protection services during public business endeavors, appearances and social activities, we also provide services to help simplify their travel and private life.

This includes securing hassle-free ground transportation, surveillance posts (at home or at work), escort agents, and advance logistics planning to better evaluate safe travel routes, hotels and facilities.

All of our services are available on land, sea, or in air, and are discreet, personal and professional. It is our duty to ensure our clients’ feel they are protected, safe, and in the hands of trained experts 24/7.

The mission of Strategic Security Corp’s Uniformed Protection Services remains the same today as it was when it was founded — to create a unique sort of uniformed security officer division and in the process set a standard of excellence by which all security companies would be measured.

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