Service Feature: Security Guards

July 18, 2019

With safety at the front and center of every action we take, Strategic Security Corp understands that customized staffing solutions need to be easily available for every budget. This need grows in importance as natural disasters grow in occurrence, technology advances, and peace is challenged daily.

Through our customized staffing program, we offer highly skilled and experienced personnel—many of which have police, federal law enforcement, or military security experience—to organizations nationwide.

We fulfill mission types in both the public and private sector and have a growing list of leading corporations, financial and private institutions, and government entities in need of top-security solutions.

Our security personnel consist of armed and unarmed security officers as well as uniformed guards and plainclothes guards—all of which have expertise ranging from basic security functions to emergency response to crisis management.

The mission of Strategic Security Corp’s Uniformed Protection Services remains the same today as it was when it was founded — to create a unique sort of uniformed security officer division and in the process set a standard of excellence by which all security companies would be measured.

Interested in learning more about our Security Guards services and our unique measurement approach? Read more.
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