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Advancing Security through Industry Leading Technology

As industry leaders in risk management, it is important for Strategic Security Corp to stay ahead of technological trends...

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Strategic Security Corp. Receives Certifications from Women Enterprise Organizations

Women-owned businesses continue to positively impact the U.S. economy and display no trace of slowing down.

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Service Feature: Security Guards

With safety at the front and center of every action we take, Strategic Security Corp understands that customized staffing...

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Temporary Life Support Facilities: Providing Mobile Populations with Basic Life Necessities

Strategic Security Corp provides temporary life support facilities for a variety of populations for a multitude of events. From...

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Strategic Security

SSC works with clients to provide solutions based on an organization’s objectives, vulnerabilities, assets, geography and infrastructure. It eliminates the need to utilize multiple vendors to mitigate and manage risks, providing a clear chain of command in crisis. Fill out the form below to get a copy of our brochure.

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