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SSC Contract Award -  Northland Pioneer College

June 19, 2020 Northland Pioneer College in Arizona informed Strategic Security Corp. (SSC) of award for Unarmed Guard Service for...

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Benefits Of An Outsourced Security Operations Center

Risks to your business increase each day. How are you combating them? Utilizing a Security Operations Center can put you one step...

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Pandemic Preparedness: What To Include In Your Emergency Action Plan

Disaster strikes. It never slowly materializes. Since it’s always sudden, businesses must be prepared beforehand. Once a crisis...

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Strategic Security Achieves ISO 9001 2015 Accreditation for Strategic's Armed and Unarmed Security Guards, Detention Officers, Emergency Response, Security Operations Center, Intelligence Driven Techn

Strategic Security is pleased to announce that its Armed and Unarmed Security Guards, Detention Officers, Emergency Response,...

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Vetting Your Security Provider Post COVID-19

Professional. Reliable. Efficient. Innovative. Adaptable. Those are some of the main characteristics that are not just necessary...

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Modern Day Policing

Policing in the United States dates back to the 1600’s with the advent of the “Watchman”. The people assigned to the “Watch” were...

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Security Guard vs. Security Officer: What’s the Difference?

What is the Difference Between a Security Officer and a Security Guard, and Why Does it Matter?

To the casual observer, no...

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Service Feature: Event Security

More than ever, event participants are looking at event organizers to ensure their safety is a top priority.

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Service Feature: Detention Center Services

Strategic Security Corp. provides a variety of detention center services while ensuring safety, security, and human dignity is...

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Strategic Security

SSC works with clients to provide solutions based on an organization’s objectives, vulnerabilities, assets, geography and infrastructure. It eliminates the need to utilize multiple vendors to mitigate and manage risks, providing a clear chain of command in crisis. Fill out the form below to get a copy of our brochure.

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